A Wish

A LONG due post, sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy, worked a little differently on this one and is very personal to me! Don’t forget to like and follow my blog and share your views in the comments. (: ❤

Where’s My Enlightenment?

We need to relax, yet not get lost in our wonderland, right? Easy to preach, hard to follow! Though, we can try. Stay safe, people. Times are hard we can be harder! 🙂

If Only

I guess this has to be by far one of my most sensitive post. I know that some of you out there are sad, heartbroken, or maybe depressed, talking about it might not seem easy but trust me, when you do, you’ll feel better. The point is to help you realise that YOU’RE NEVER ALONE. 💕

For You.

I hope this reminds you of that “someone special” in your life! P.S.- Knock knock, I don’t have one, so this poem is my imagination for that one being! 😉❤


Hey there. This post was LONG due. I just couldn’t post it earlier. But now that I have, I hope you enjoy it. Leave a like and comment for letting me know your review! Also, wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year! 💕


This is dedicated to all the cherishable moments and the people who made it cherishable!

20% An 80 Y/o

Yeah, it may sound absurd. But I’m actually ageing like all other beings and things! Now, until last year I was always excited for my birthday. I am this year too! But this time, I am also wondering that “WOAH! 16?? REALLY? That’s sooo grown up!!” Maybe that’s because I’m the youngest in my family…

Song of Peace

This is my song of peace Which will make your heart at ease. To keep you safe,when you wake And to make you smile when you sleep.❤ -Shatakshi.

What does Isolation mean to Me

Isolation is the act of separating oneself from people, surroundings, and eventually everything! Many people are of the view that humans, as a social animal, need other human beings too to live their life. This isn’t wrong. We really do need others to share our thoughts and feelings, But sometimes, all we need is a…


SPOILER ALERT: This poem was written before final season (8th) came out, so READ THIS ONLY IF YOU HAVE WATCHED TILL SEASON 7!