When No One’s Watching

Another midnight thought-turned-into-poetry kinda post. As I say, “Straight Outta My Mind.” Show some love. 💕

We Are: Travellers

Written something different this time, hope you enjoy reading. Give it a like or leave a comment. 💕

Spirit of Night

A simple poem written by me in few minutes while having a conversation with my friend. This one’s dedicated to the nights which are so special!✨ I hope you like this.❤️

Unsolicited Feels

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You Again?

I’m back for a while but will still be busy for a couple of months, but I may be posting hopefully soon. I have been working on a new poem. Thanks for the love on my last post. Stay tuned! 💕

2020: We’re Done.

I have been gone too long. Sorry! But I promise I will be back- in few months. Take care guys!

A Wish

A LONG due post, sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy, worked a little differently on this one and is very personal to me! Don’t forget to like and follow my blog and share your views in the comments. (: ❤

Where’s My Enlightenment?

We need to relax, yet not get lost in our wonderland, right? Easy to preach, hard to follow! Though, we can try. Stay safe, people. Times are hard we can be harder! 🙂