Where Am I?

A life update kind of post because I have been gone for more than 4 months. Sorry 🙂

Her Voice

No one deserves to see and go through all that Afghanistan is going through right now. 💔

When No One’s Watching

Another midnight thought-turned-into-poetry kinda post. As I say, “Straight Outta My Mind.” Show some love. 💕

We Are: Travellers

Written something different this time, hope you enjoy reading. Give it a like or leave a comment. 💕

Spirit of Night

A simple poem written by me in few minutes while having a conversation with my friend. This one’s dedicated to the nights which are so special!✨ I hope you like this.❤️

Unsolicited Feels

Leave a like, comment and don’t forget to follow if you don’t want to miss my poems! I do hope you like this one. ❤️

You Again?

I’m back for a while but will still be busy for a couple of months, but I may be posting hopefully soon. I have been working on a new poem. Thanks for the love on my last post. Stay tuned! 💕

2020: We’re Done.

I have been gone too long. Sorry! But I promise I will be back- in few months. Take care guys!